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February 22, 2008

Gia Paloma – Cyberfold Girl

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Today’s video clip is from the members area of The Fetish Club. Inside their Video Theaters they have a huge section of feeds called “The Abyss” because it has a nearly bottomless collection of videos. One of the monthly features there is the “Cyberfold Girls.”

I liked this clip because to me it shows how sensual it can be just to touch a woman’s face. And how much some women like being touched, even if it’s just their face you’re touching. Fortunately this clip is just the beginning of the massage. From her face he moves down to her neck, shoulders, breasts, and her belly. Her feet get attention, her thighs, and of course her sweet pussy does too.

[tag]Cyberfold Girls[/tag] are sort of like the pet of the month, but with more sex thrown in to complete the picture. Gia shows off all her assets and then gives you a choice of toys for her to play with. In her interview Gia says she’d like to fuck Steve Colbert, and we’re warning him that this little Miami hottie is one serious chick. She admits she once gave a hot guy vodka shots while she drank water, so he wouldn’t put up a fight later.

If you’re already a member of The Original Fetish Club, just head over now and login now to check out Gia. If you’re not a member yet, you can take the tour here.

November 1, 2007

DVD Review “I Love ‘Em Natural”

I Love 'Em Natural - DVD boxcoverYou’ll find six all-natural sluts in this cast of sexy ladies. First up, the ultra hot redhead Katja Kassin entices two cocks in her ass at the same time. Asian/French babe Katsumi does plenty of deep throat, anal sex, ATM (ass-to-mouth) and she swallows her partner’s seed. Jasmine gets dp’d. Corina has her panties stuffed inside her pussy and then her mouth. Tiffany is submissive to two dudes. And the exotic looking Dana Vespoli finishes things up with cum on her face. I Love Em Natural – who doesn’t?

Katja is a sexy redhead who briefly touches herself. Steve enters where Katja is slowly giving Manuel head. Steve spanks Katja’s butt a few times before she blows both dudes. Katja rides Steve’s cock in her pussy, and then her ass, while Manuel fucks her mouth, and the dudes switch places. Katja is double penetrated, sucks cock ass to mouth, and she takes both cocks in her ass at the same time. There are also some shots of Katja’s gaping asshole. The dudes jerk off and cum on Katja’s face, tongue and chest.

Katsumi is a sexy Asian babe. After a solo, she gives Lee an intense bj, licking his balls and deep throating included. Afterwards, they move straight into anal sex and in different positions. Lee chokes her while drilling her ass. Katsumi sucks Lee’s cock ATM before riding his cock in her ass reverse cowgirl. She gets off as he strokes off and cums on her tongue and chin. Katsumi swallows Lee’s cum and The Whackman had to wipe the fuckin screen.

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October 30, 2007

XRatedTV’s Video-On-Demand adds new search feature

X Rated TV's Video-On-Demand TheaterIf you’ve been using our video-on-demand theater to watch streaming XXX movies and to dowload the full adult DVDs you want to own — or even if you’ve never visited yet — you’ll appreciate the new search function now available there.

With the updated search box on the theater pages you can search by the movie’s title, or by the pornstar names, or find movies by a particular director or from particular studios whose work you like.

And now a powerful new option will also let you search using keywords that appear anywhere in the descriptions of the movies. So even if you have no idea what the movie is called or who’s in it or who released it, you can just enter what you want to see in the description field or use the ‘advanced search’ link to help build your searches.

Come check out the video-on-demand theater here.

October 26, 2007

Sarah and Cathy are first-time lesbians

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Sarah and Cathy are first time lesbiansSarah and Cathy have come to the conclusion that guys can be such assholes. Sarah’s boyfriend just left her one day, stealing all her money. Cathy’s boyfriend doesn’t satisfy her anymore. They used to have amazing sex and he’d make her climax every day. Well it hasn’t been days since the last time she’s orgasmed, it’s now been months.

They’re digging through the boxes of stuff that Sarah’s boyfriend left behind when they find a container of sex toys. Sarah was kind of pissed, she’d never even seen any of these things before. It was a bunch of dildos, vibrators and at the very bottom a strap-on dildo. You’ve gotta see their eyes when they pull that out of the container. These two have never even kissed another girl, but now they’re so horny they can’t stop themselves. It’s not long before they’re taking turns fucking each other with the dildos.

Check out Sarah and Cathy’s free lesbians movie gallery and then see the rest of the videos at 1st Lesbian Experiences.

lesbian lovers

October 20, 2007

Get a pass and get some porn

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Check out this feedback from someone who found a great way to get access to top-quality porn videos from a whole bunch of big paysites.

spanked with a kitchen utensil“Ever have one of those days when you can’t get work done because you’re busy looking at porn? That’s the way my whole week has been because of the Filthy Movie Pass this week.

“Luckily, I’m not in a cubicle anymore and have a nice private office. It seems like midway through every day, I have to close the door and tell everyone I have important calls or whatever excuses I make up that day. I seriously don’t know what’s wrong with me but I can’t get enough of the porn movies I get with the Filthy Movie Pass. I’m beginning to think it’s the devil because it allows me to watch so much freakin’ porn.

“I mean check out what you get with the Filthy Movie Pass: Spanked And Abused is a hardcore [tag]spanking[/tag] site. Watch these girlfriends getting spanked for being sluts, not listening to their boyfriends or just burning cooking dinner. These sluts are left with ass cheeks that are bright red from all the spanking. And now because of the Spanked and Abused movies, I’ve got a fantasy now involving my secretary. I love the chick, but she always fucks things up. Just one time, I’d like to bend her over my desk, pull up her skirt and slap her ass.

Latex babe diddling herself“Another site you get access to is PVC And Latex. This site features horny babes in rubber outfits doing everything from posing for the camera to getting fucked while they’re still wearing their outfits. Now, I’ve always heard of the PVC and Latex clubs downtown but fuck, I’m thinking I might have to check them out for myself after watching these movies. I’ll admit, I never knew I had a fetish for Latex and what not but that shit is hot. I love the way it looks, I can only imagine how good it would feel.”

Click on the pics in this post to see sample videos from both of these sites. And if you want to see more, with the Filthy Movie Pass you can see the full-length DVD quality versions for a great low price. Do the math and if you bought all these memberships separately, you’d be going broke. But with the Filthy Movie Pass you pay for one membership and get access to the content from a whole bunch of sites. And if you’re going to spend some money on porn anyway, why not get a look at the porn from a lot of sites instead of just one!

October 10, 2007

“Cheating Housewives 3” – a damn hot fuck flick

Cheating Housewives 3 - DVD boxcoverOh yeah! Cheating Housewives 3 means even more infidelity on SmashteriaLane! The Whackman is going to watch these scandalous married sluts get their pussies pounded and butts banged deep and hard! Treat yourself while they cheat themselves…

The smoking hot Lisa Ann starts things out chatting with a friend on the phone. Her call is interrupted by Ben calling her to “cum over.” They kiss outside before heading inside where Ben works his way around her big fat titties. He slides down her low riders and panties so he can lick and rub her pussy. Then Lisa drops down to suck his cock; he lies down on the staircase and she rides him reverse cowgirl style. Lisa turns to the side and rides Ben sidesaddle before he stands up and nails her from behind. She rides him cowgirl style before Ben picks her up, fucks her in midair, and then down to missionary as he lies her back on the stairs. Lisa sucks Ben to a nice facial.

Sascha chats with bottle blonde Donna about Lisa’s cheating. They start kissing on the couch, with Donna making a comment about showing her hubby the video. They keep kissing as Sascha helps Donna out of her black suit and striped white shirt. She slides off her skirt and works on his cock orally. Donna takes it all the way down her throat with the help of plenty of spit before turning around for some doggystyle. She throats his cock again before riding him in both cowgirls. Sascha picks her up to bounce her on his cock in midair before lying her back down and fucking her missionary style. Sascha pulls out and lets Donna fill her mouth with his warm protein.

Check out some scenes from the DVD here. (click to read more…)

October 6, 2007

“Chunky School Girls 4” – a fun fatty fuck flick

Chunky Schoolgirls 4 - DVD boxcoverThese girls are going back to school to catch up on a few things they missed the first time around, only this time they’re one hundred pounds heavier and one hundred times sluttier! They can’t read or write, but can they suck and fuck? – that’s the kind of participation that will get them straight A’s. Chunky School Girls 4 is in session…

Blonde Shannon finds Dino napping on the couch. She tells him that she brought him an apple for helping her pass her French test – the apple doesn’t have a core as Shannon tells him that she sucked the core out of it. He drops his pants for Shannon to enthusiastically suck. Dino slides the apple around his cock as Shannon sucks him, and she can’t resist biting a little away to get more cock. She strips down to show a set of big fat titties before bending over and letting Dino fuck her from behind. She cries out for him to teach her Italian as he fucks her from behind before letting Shannon bounce on his bone reverse cowgirl style. Dino spoons Shannon and then finishes things up giving her a decent facial. After he’s done, he slides the apple back over his cock and lets her have a few bites.

Brunette Lisa lets Steve know that she’d like to come back to school and learn French after fucking and sucking her way through life so far. Steve thinks about it a moment before pulling his shirt up to reveal a hard cock and telling her that he’d rather just fuck her. As soon as Lisa finds out that he’ll give her an “A” for her efforts, she bends over and sees how many times she can take his cock into her throat.

Check out some scenes from the movie here. (click to read more…)

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