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June 30, 2006

Fuck Starbucks, check out this barista’s action

Filed under: humor,video clips — Simon @ 7:43 pm

Here’s a video I think you’ll enjoy. This pretty little barista wanders around offering folks some cream for their coffee. Check out the reactions from the customers when they see where the cream is coming from.

This video is from a post called “Excuse Me, I need a re-fill” on my friend Chop’s blog. You’ll always find a link to Chop On The Lake on my sidebar here because I enjoy his laid-back Southern approach to porn. You should check it out sometime and see if you like it too.

Fucking funny dance routine

Filed under: commentary,humor,video clips — Simon @ 7:46 am

This is a porn blog so some people think I need to say “fuck” and “fucking” a lot more. I figured I’ll try it with this post. Since I’m fucking old enough to remember all of the fucking dances this fuck includes in his fucking routine, it really made me fucking laugh to watch him work his fucking way from the fucking 50s through today. Just click on the fucking video to start the fuck doing his show…

Yanno, it looks like this fuck gets a hell of a fucking workout during the six fucking minutes or so that he performs here. I thought the guy was pretty fucking funny, so I’d think he gets plenty of fucking gigs. Made me fucking wonder why he’s not a bit fucking thinner.

Note to the “you need to use more ‘fuck’ in your posts” people: Okay, I fucking tried it. Not fucking sure how the fuck much I like it. Just fucking seems like extra fucking words to me.

How about you? Did you find this pretty fucking entertaining? Did you miss the fucking sarcasm completely? Click on the fucking comment link below to tell me what the fuck you think.

June 25, 2006

Very fuckable anime girl

Filed under: anime,video clips — Simon @ 3:05 pm
This is one fuckable anime girl (well, maybe when she's older

The thing is, I’m one of those people who usually isn’t much impressed by animation. And I definitely don’t find most of it hot enough to get all excited about.

But this is really some incredible work.

Seriously, the quality of this one is so fine that for some reason I find myself wishing they’d made her look older so I don’t think it’s wrong to get a hard-on watching her move.

Speaking of moving, you can just click on the image to get her moving right here. Or you can click the link below to see her in larger size.

The linked file below is a Flash file, so it’ll get as big as you want to stretch your browser window.

Fuckable Animation – click here

Added 58 more free movie sites

Filed under: blog reviews,free sites,premium sites,video clips,xrt news — Simon @ 6:47 am

XratedTV Link ListYesterday we added 58 new free movie sites to XRatedTV’s link list section. We found a new group of premium sites that we think are worth checking out and all of these new free sites have sample video clips taken from their member areas. The new free movie sites are in the anal sex, facials, asians, MILFs, sluts, blowjobs, cumshots, and gangbangs categories. If you want to check them out for yourself, the membership sites which supplied the video clips in the free sites are Ass Hookers, Dirty Anal Girls, DP FuckFest,
Faces of Goo, Hooked On Ass, My Asian Dreams, Poke My Mom, Poke My Throat, and Young Dirty Sluts. Enjoy the clips in new free sites and look for the full-length movies in the premium sites’s member areas.

June 23, 2006

Bukkake Cookies

Filed under: humor,premium sites,sex news,video clips — Simon @ 6:14 am

Bukkake CookiesHere’s something sure to brighten up your next party. Or maybe, if you’ve had enough of your local PTA, these might be the perfect thing to bring to the next school bake sale.

The cookies are actually pretty easy to make. And the reaction when people see them is priceless. You can tell right away who’s looked at [tag]bukkake[/tag] porn online!

You can find the recipe on this page: Bukkake Cookies

The Porn Bread site also has instructions for making penis pretzels, [tag]viagra[/tag] cupcakes, ejaculating eclairs, and many more.

While you’re waiting for the cookies to bake, here are a couple of movies galleries you can check out. You’ll find three movie clips on each page. You can start with “Tampa Bukkake Damsel In Distress Party” and then take a look at “Ebony Natalie Gang Banged by White Guys”

Both of those are from Tampa Bukkake, which features American-style bukkake events.

June 22, 2006

Wife kills husband with sword

Filed under: humor,sex news,sports — Simon @ 6:29 am

China stabbingThis could be a case of [tag]Femdom[/tag] gone too far! In Beijing, China, a 25 year old woman has been arrested for killing her husband with a sword because he refused to make dinner for her. But we’re not talking about an isolated crime of passion here. No, the police report on the crime says that this little lady has been forcing her husband to carry out her demands at the tip of her sword for years. Well, I guess the poor guy could have left her if he didn’t like getting shoved around by pointy objects. To each his own I guess, but personally I’d rather be sticking something into someone than getting something stuck into me. YMMV

June 20, 2006

X Rated TV Link List

Filed under: free sites,sex news,video clips,xrt news — Simon @ 6:17 pm

A new section of the X Rated TV site is online now. The Link List is where you’ll find thousands of categorized multi-page free movie sites listed, along with categorized movie paysites, webcams, and [tag]pay-per-view[/tag] movie theaters. We’ll be adding more links to that section every day now. You can check it out for yourself at the link below.

X Rated TV – Free Hardcore Porn Movies Link List

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