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March 25, 2008

Foot Traffic

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With yesterday’s review of Butt Munchers and today’s review of Foot Traffic I am no longer sure whether the big O in sex-talk refers to the word orgasm or Olfactory. I mean wow, like people totally get off on the smell of sweat…after watching these movies, I bet the reason Kate Hudson bitched about Matthew McConaughey was that he was making her have spontaneous orgasms and totally wetting herself and that must’ve been her problem with his b.o. (which also I now assume stands for big orgasm).


Okay…now I can get how maybe somebody can be all fucked up and just going wild with whatever but I guess this movie is also geared to people who have a stocking fetish…personally I can’t see the taste of nylon getting me off, but whatever. We get three thole thucking thcenes of some cock and cum-crazed nymphos who totally get off on getting their toes sucked and nibbled and are more than happy to return the favor of having their feet fondled fetish catered to with some lust-driven sucking and fucking for the lucky dude who also obviously was getting pumped up from the pungent smell and taste of these babes peds.

Foot Traffic boggles me with the amount of odor-driven orgasms inundating porn but nevertheless gets itself three satisfied cocks-up.

March 17, 2008

Butt Munchers

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Watching this movie makes me think that they should make a porn version of Dr Seuss’s classic The Lorax…and yknow you can just totally see Ron Jeremy as The Lorax, short little hairy dude with wild hair and a big walrus mustache…totally sounds like it was written for him. I mean, if someone did a poll to find out how many totally nasty ultra-sluts there were out there I bet there would be enough that we could save a zillion trees by getting rid of the toilet paper industry and just have chicks like this ready and willing to savor some smelly ass whenever needed.


I guess for these nasty nymphos it’s like old school trapper style and the more musk you lay out, the more beaver you get. Six scenes of chicks who totally dig the sweaty smell of ass, whether it’s another chick or a dude, they don’t care, as long as they can get their noses in there for a weighty whiff and a raunchy rimjob.


There are some babes who were put on this planet completely for the purpose of sex and granting pleasure…good casting call on this movie, you found some of these babes. These chicks show scene after scene how much they love fucking and as the heat goes up their lust goes up too and they go crazy on cock (or in some cases even more than one cock) and beg for the taste of ass and cum.

Butt Munchers gets four sweaty cocks-up.