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November 30, 2007

“All About Ass 12” – a great all-anal movie

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All About Ass - DVD boxcoverThe Whackman is in a #2 hole kinda mood. Fuck the pussy – it’s All About Ass 12.

Japan, a pretty black/asian girl with a great ass, has her buttplug already in place as she does a booty dance. Darren comes in and she follows him to the bed, where he lays back a lets Japan give him one hell of a blowjob.

Her ass gets opened up in doggy. From doggy, they spoon and then get into missionary. Reverse cowgirl is on tap next and after, Darren slams her from underneath as she lays back against his chest. She does lots of a2m. She then dismounts and lays on her back and Darren puts a coat of cream on her lips that runs down both sides of her cheeks.

Hannah, a stunning foreign bombshell, is wearing all black bra and panties with matching stocking. She finger fucks her ass a bit before inserting a dildo. Mark, already hard, comes in and Hannah gives his cock a couple of licks before delivering a great bj. After that bit of heaven, she mounts Mark in reverse cowgirl and his cock goes straight up her tight ass. The Whackman loves her moans and the pace is perfect.

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November 29, 2007

Protest for Pleasure

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Loretta Nall is sending sex toy to Alabama Attorney General Troy KingThe right to use sex toys is getting an activist in Alexander City, Alabama, all hot and bothered.

Loretta Nall, a gubernatorial candidate in 2006, is steamed at Alabama’s Attorney General Troy King over his intent to prosecute adult shop owners for selling sex toys. So she’s taking matters into her own hands by asking touchy Americans to deluge him with sex toys.

Nall has organized a “Sex Toy Drive” and is asking all masturbators to get off their Purple Penetrators and hit King where it hurts, by ramming his mailbox with sex toys in protest.

"King is pushing this thing, but he doesn’t need to be sticking his nose in people’s business,” Nall said. “He’s making Alabamians look like backwater rednecks."

It seems to be working. The naughty novelties have already starting penetrating King’s office, with ball gags, rectum plugs, and Hello Kitty massagers creating a stir with the stiff conservative.

Nall is practicing what she preaches. "I personally sent him a penetrable pink pig,” she said. “I was thinking of dressing up as a penis to his next appearance, but then people would confuse me for that big dick."

November 28, 2007

Plantin Seeds

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The Whackman hopes to be Plantin Seeds with these whores. Hungry pussies are going to open wide to take on huge cocks, while innocent assholes get fucked recklessly. Messy internal jizz shots are everywhere as these cuties love to eat cum, as cream pies ooze from moist pussies and ass crack. Let’s fuckin do this.


Knockout brunette Simony lays out in the sun and watches Nick as he waters her bushes. He comes in to get paid when he finishes, but Simony doesn’t plan on paying him with cash. He kisses her tits through her bikini top before moving it to the side to get at the real thing. He warms up each of Simony’s holes and then Simony sucks his cock in return. She lets Nick spoon her bald beaver and then moves up to ride him cowgirl style before letting Nick spear her sphincter doggystyle. They keep it going with a bit of reverse cowgirl style for each of Simony’s holes before Nick sprays his spooge inside her. Simony pops off and lets it drip out onto the floor below her.

Brunette Vanda and dirty blonde Liz relax on a patio when they’re found by Frank. They focus on Liz before working the oral love around with a double blowjob for Frank. Liz gets the first fuck, which she takes from behind. Vanda takes her turn missionary style next as Liz works her mouth around her body, before sitting back in a chair to watch Liz get her ass worked from behind. She sucks Liz’s ass off Frank’s cock. Vanda then gets a chance with a little reverse cowgirl anal. Liz sucks Vanda’s ass off Frank’s cock and lets him have another go at her pussy from behind before ‘popping’ in it. Vanda sits below and lets it flow out of Liz’s pussy and onto her face.


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November 27, 2007

Vietnam has first nude art exhibition

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A photo by Tran Huy HoanIn the West, nude art has gone from paintings, photos and sculpture to streets and squares through installation exhibitions. Meanwhile, nude artworks are introduced cautiously in Vietnam.

A photo by Tran Huy Hoan

The Hanoi Department of Culture and Information recently licenced painter Thai Phien’s Spring nude painting exhibition. This is the first nude painting exhibition licenced in Vietnam.

The art circle has been awaiting this event for a long time because they expect the official acceptance of artworks which have existed silently so far.

Painter Luong Xuan Doan said that Vietnamese nude art could not be made public later. He said that some Chinese artists were surprised when they learned that nude paintings were still strange to Vietnamese audiences.

Actually, nude figures or even sex is not strange in folk arts since paintings of genitalia or sexual activities of humans are found on bronze or pottery antiques. However, nude art is not recognised officially in Vietnam. Painter Thai Phien said that in Vietnam, nude art is not taught in any photo course.

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November 26, 2007

Chunky Girls Club – dvd review

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Chunky Girls Club - DVD boxcoverThe Whackman can appreciate a sexy big girl — they are shade in the winter and heat in the summer. So let’s take a dip into the Chunky Girls Club and see if they are certified to be in the big beautiful women niche.

When cute little redhead Gen doubts that chunky dirty blonde Roxy is really a lesbian, she puts her to the test and pulls out her pink vibrator—she goes right to work on Roxy’s bald beaver with her tongue and a purple vibe. She holds the vibe on Roxy’s pussy as she fucks her with the fleshy dildo Roxy has. Roxy holds a second vibe on her clit while Gen fucks her, and gets into it to the point that Gen wonders if Roxy is really a dyke. She lays back for Roxy to prove it to her tonguing her twat, and even lets her work on her shaved pussy with a pink vibe. After Roxy makes her cum Gen finally admits that Roxy is a dyke.

When Gen tells big boned brunette Tanya about the “hook-nosed heifer” at the man-haters club, Tanya offers to try to make things better. She goes after Gen’s sweet little titties with her hands and then strips off her own top so Gen can go after her big fat titties in return. After they work back and forth, Gen and Tanya strip down and Gen dives into Tanya’s bushy beaver. Gen moves on to fuck Tanya with G-spot vibe that her body swallows up as quick as if it were a jelly donut, and after Tanya cums, Gen lies back so that Tanya can get some. After Tanya tongues it a bit, she adds a purple vibrator to Gen’s pussy and helps Gen to have another orgasm.


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November 25, 2007

Sienna Miller likes stripping off

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British actress Sienna Miller admits she enjoyed stripping for the movie “Hippie Hippie Shake,” although she was embarrassed after her pictures appeared online.

Miller also said it wasn’t as traumatic as she thought it would be. “There were eight of us and we were playing hippies and it was the summer of love. We take our clothes off, eight boys and girls, and go for a swim. We were nervous but it’s real camaraderie when you are all together. It’s actually hilarious getting naked in front of people you love and respect,” quoted Miller as saying.

The movie is a psychedelic journey through London in the sixties and early seventies focusing on the love between the character played by Miller and the one played by actor Cillian Murphy.

She added: “The water was freezing cold, so the boys weren’t too happy. The water was about seven degrees, it was colder than anything I have experienced in my life. But as a result it was quite funny and we felt a big sense of achievement after doing it.”

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November 24, 2007

“I Fucked My High School Teacher 2” – DVD Review

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I Fucked My High School Teacher - DVD boxcoverScrewing your high school teacher can sure guarantee the highest possible grade. See some girls that love homework, especially when it’s ten inches long! Let’s see the whores who can actually say, “I Fucked My High School Teacher 2”.

A sexy blonde named Sugarcane is a sexy 19 year old who has a bangin body. After stripping down and showing us her great package, Mr. Cheeks dives right into her pussy with his tongue and fingers and then she wraps her mouth around his manhood to reciprocate. Then they 69 and The Whackman doesn’t blame him fro wanting to dip into that cunt again. Sugarcane hops on top of him in cowgirl and gets that pussy worn and torn before getting doggy rammed and her tits get creamed on.

An auburn haired slut named Reese takes her top off and shows her fuckable looking body off to the camera and then Mr. Cheeks pops his cock into her mouth shortly after. He then eats her out before having her ride him in reverse cowgirl. Reese turns around and continues to get her cunt uppercutted before getting into doggystyle. Mr. Cheeks squirts her with cum in the back of her throat and she gags a bit before spitting it all over his cock.

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