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December 27, 2007

Test Drive

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boxcover-4033-8333111.jpgThe Whackman needs a fuckin seatbelt because The Whackman is going on a Test Drive with some of these whores. The Whackman wants some good performance, with an emphasis on how these sluts handle the bumps and grinds. Let’s do this.

Brittney lies back on a bed wearing some black and white checkered panties. She diddles herself with her fingers and a toy before Barrett comes in and offers her the real thing. She works him over orally before letting him return the favor on her bald beaver. Brittney lays back as Barrett tongues her and then lets him slide it in. They go through doggy and cowgirl before she opens her eyes and mouth wide for a nice pop from Barrett which mostly misses her face. She sucks out what’s left and plays with it a little.

Red is in an orange bra and panties and with black and white checkered stockings. She starts herself off with her fingers before she’s joined by Kris. She softly mouths his manhood using slow tongue action before turning around so Kris can tongue her twat, taint, and ass from behind. Red then rides him through the cowgirl styles. Kris plays with Red’s ass while she rides him and continues to massage her pucker while he fucks her from behind. They finish things up in missionary before Kris pulls out to stroke himself onto Red’s stomach.

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December 24, 2007

Carmen Electra mobbed at stripclub

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Carmen Electra in fishnets hoseCarmen Electra was part of a mob scene in Montreal’s downtown club strip, where she was hosting a burlesque performance at the Opera Nightclub.

There, the two-time Playboy cover girl was jetted in to introduce the "Belluscious" act. And while she wasn’t actually going to be getting up to any sexual antics on stage herself, the crowd was eager to see if they could press the flesh with the former Mrs. Dennis Rodman.

"I’m just a girl from Cincinnati, Ohio, who had big dreams and managed to get here," she told the Globe, shortly before heading onstage. Born Tara Leigh Patrick (her stage name was supplied by none other than the artist currently known as Prince), Electra is also busy shilling her latest video, another entry in her hugely popular Aerobics Striptease series.

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December 20, 2007

Plantin Seeds 2

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boxcover-3989-8310684.jpgEach of these nasty sluts get their holes crammed with cock then filled deep with nasty cum! Sunny gets her tight pussy fucked hard then loaded with cum! Cytherea gets her twat slammed til she squirts all over! Jamie gags on cock then gets both holes fucked til she farts her load from deep in her ass! These dudes are Plantin Seeds 2.

The lovely Sunny Lane walks up to a house wearing a red dress that shows off her ass extremely well. She’s greeted at the door by Mark, who offers her something to drink before they make their way to the sofa. She heads to the bathroom to change. Sunny emerges in a cute little black and pink outfit and sits on Mark’s lap, kissing him while letting him play with her pussy. He lets her taste his fingers before laying her back to suck her toes. Mark strips off her panties and lets her play with herself as he strips down himself. She gives Mark a passionate kiss before taking him into her throat and bends back for a completely submissive face fucking. Sunny then bounces on his cock reverse cowgirl style while he holds her arms behind her back. Mark gives it to her doggystyle next. She moves up to ride him cowgirl style, and lets Mark knead on her tits as she rides him. He picks her up for a midair cowgirl ride before laying her back for some missionary work. Mark plants his seeds in her pussy before she squirts it back out into his mouth to eat.

Shortly after Joey arrives and heads upstairs, brunettes Cytherea and Jamie, wearing some white and black and pink and black lingerie respectively, head up. Joey greets Cytherea with a kiss as Jamie moves down to suck his cock. Cytherea quickly drops down to help her, and both girls gag on it a bit as they warm Joey up. After Jamie begs Joey to fuck her, he pulls down the lower half of her outfit and moves in to drill her from behind with Cytherea giving his cock some initial guidance. The girls trade places so Joey can fuck Cytherea to a squirt, and after a bit more lets Jamie back on for a cowgirl ride. It doesn’t take Cytherea long to squirt when she gets her turn, and she doesn’t limit herself to just one. When it’s time for Jamie to get a little more cock, she swallow’s Joey’s cock with each of her holes reverse cowgirl style, and hops off so she can suck her ass off his cock. Joey plugs her ass in doggy and when he pops some on her ass, Cytherea yells at him for going on her ass rather than in her ass, and licks it up while also testing out Jamie’s asshole with her tongue. Jamie cumfarts out a nice load that both girls lick up.

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December 17, 2007

He should be glad she wasn’t sucking his dick

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red lipsLaura Roberta Cutler, 44, was ordered held on $75,000 bail after being accused of biting off two-thirds of her ex-boyfriend’s lower lip as they were kissing in bed. The woman has been charged with second-degree domestic-violence assault.

Deputies were called to a house in White Center, an unincorporated suburb south of Seattle, and found Thomas J. Brummel, 49, on the front porch, much of his lower lip missing and his face and neck covered in blood, King County sheriff’s Detective Scott Tompkins wrote in a probable cause affidavit.

Brummel said he and Cutler kissed several times when, without provocation, she bit off his lip and spat it out, deputies said. Doctors at Highline Hospital were unable to reattach the lip and said the man will likely be permanently disfigured.

Brummel and Cutler live at the house with two other renters, all of whom are recovering from drug addiction and agreed to share a “clean and sober” home. Tompkins wrote that Cutler was clearly drunk when detectives arrived, and “her rage was evident and uncontrolled.” Neither of the other residents witnessed the attack, Tompkins wrote.

“Had it not been for Brummel’s yelling … ‘She’s a devil woman!’ and running up and down the stairs, none would’ve known the altercation had taken place,” he wrote.

December 15, 2007

Under Pimp Arrest

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boxcover-4043-8339989.jpgBig pimpin’ takes center stage as Big Daddy has money on his mind and his bitches in line. The Whackman has been invited to hang with real-life pimps from South Central LA, from the time they wake up until the last hours of the night, and see what it be like when a real pimp takes control. Black is beautiful as sexy whores throw down with a ghetto fuck-a-thon of phat asses, juicy pussies, bad ass blowjobs and graphic anal sex. These bitches are Under Pimp Arrest – and will assume the position.

When Mr. Johnson drops new ho Lori off, Taylor swings by to pick her up. They quickly agree on a price before heading to a cheap motel. Lori quickly gets the money exchange out of the way before letting Taylor explore under her sexy blue dress. He pulls her yellow panties aside to tongue her pussy before they both strip down so she can suck his cock. She starts out dominant and then lies back so Taylor can fuck her face and so she can lick his balls before they sixty-nine. Taylor gives it to Lori missionary style before letting her climb up to ride him cowgirl style. They also get in a bit of doggystyle and spooning. Taylor has Lori take off her shoes to pry her mouth open as wide as possible for him to pop in.

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December 14, 2007

Japan may allow banned Mapplethorpe book

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Mapplethorpe bookThe Supreme Court in Japan has decided to hold an appeal hearing over a lawsuit filed over a custom seizure of a photo book containing nude male genitals at Narita Airport in 1999, opening up for the possibility it will overturn the previous Tokyo High Court ruling, a Kyodo News reports states.

The photo book in question, “Mapplethorpe” by renowned U.S. photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, had been published in Japan in 1994 by Tokyo movie distributor and publishing house “Uplink.” When the president of the company, Takashi Asai, brought the book with him to the United States and later tried to return with it to Japan, it was seized by custom officials at Narita Airport.

Asai is now seeking 2.2 million yen in damages, and is demanding that the court rule the seizure invalid.

At the first instance, the Tokyo District Court, it was ruled that the import ban on the book should be retracted and that the government should pay 700,000 yen in damages to the publishing house president. The Tokyo High Court however overturned that ruling, saying the book “unnecessarily provokes sexual appetite and is an obscene graphic work that goes against a sense of morals on sexuality.“

A similar lawsuit also filed by Asai on another Mapplethorne book ended in 1999 with the Supreme Court acknowledging it is legal for custom inspectors to ban the import of photo collections that can be deemed “obscene”.

The very same book has also been the subject of censorship in the U.K. – in 1998, it was confiscated by police from a Central England University student who was writing a paper on the works of Robert Mapplethorpe. The library from which the book was borrowed was told the book would have to be destroyed.

Another Mapplethorpe book, “Pictures,” was seized from an Australian bookshop by police in 2001.

December 12, 2007

Kittens 12 – lesbian training for the wife

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boxcover-3952-8291119.jpgA young, rich, spoiled wife, Gwendolyn, is sent by her husband to a lesbian training facility to become a better lover, in a mansion nestled in Bel-Air. Gwendolyn soon meets the lesbian Madame Victoria who immediately puts Gwendolyn in her place and starts to take her down the road to lesbian pleasures. It’s a decadent, sex drenched, pussy licking week that Gwendolyn finds herself immersed in. When you go this deep into pussy, can a woman ever come back? It’s Kittens 12

In the first scene, Gwen (Sunrise) must watch two girls play along side the pool while Mistress Victoria (Taylor) strokes her young body. The action between the girls at the pool is rather tame, but satisfying enough.

The next scene features Gwen’s first encounter with Mistress Victoria’s young slave girl, which is not a particularly great scene. Gwen does not resist as much as a reluctant woman would, yet when she begins to get into the action, she simply licks her partner, who seems as eager as Gwen.

In the following scene, Mistress Victoria takes on another one of her young learners, with most passionate results. The scene includes strap-ons and other toys, and Taylor St. Claire truly demonstrates the sexual powers that she posesses.


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