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January 28, 2008

Enhance this you lying cocksuckers

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Smiling BobMagazine and radio ads for Enzyte made the “male enhancement” pill sound like a sure thing.

The ads featured a glowing customer satisfaction survey, testimonials from happy Enzyte users, a promise of better sex within 30 days and a claim that a Harvard doctor developed the pill’s formula.

But a company executive who helped sell Enzyte says there was a catch:

None of it was true.

James Teegarden Jr., the former vice president of operations at Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals, explained Tuesday in U.S. District Court how he and others at the company made up much of the content that appeared in Enzyte ads.

He said employees of the Forest Park company created fictitious doctors to endorse the pills, fabricated a customer-satisfaction survey and made up numbers to back up claims about Enzyte’s effectiveness.

“So all this is a fiction?” Judge S. Arthur Spiegel asked about some of the claims.

“That’s correct, your honor,” Teegarden said.

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January 24, 2008

Teens Goin Wild 7

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boxcover-2305-3554455.jpgThese teens are breaking their curfew to bring The Whackman hot, juicy, ass-pounding teen sex! It’s Teens Goin Wild 7.

Sabrina is a cute blonde with an angel face. She has a tight little body featuring an adorable set of small perky boobs and a nice little butt. Mr. Pete comes in and whips out his cock for her to suck. In seconds she gets naked and climbs on for some cowgirl. She turns around to show off more of her pretty parts in reverse cowgirl. For the anal, she lies on her back and puts her legs up and Mr. Pete slides his cock right in. She then gets her ass fucked in doggy. She goes to her knees quickly to get a nice pop shot in her open mouth.

Alex is another cute blonde with a petite body. Mr. Pete has his paws all over her right from the start. She’s out of her clothes in no time flat, and has Mr. Pete’ s cock balls deep in her mouth. He begins fucking her pussy while she lies on her back, then on her side, on a table. He gets a piece of her ass in the same position followed by some doggy action. She sits her asshole on his cock for a long cowgirl that just looks great. He picks her up for a standing cowgirl, followed by blasting her ass hard in missionary until he cums all over her open mouth and cheek.

Anika is a brunette cutie with an adorable smile. She has a small petite body and she looks sweet enough to eat. She’s paired with an older looking guy and it helps to play up the barely legal angle. The old man licks her sweet little slit and he receives a nice blowjob her making her pussy get all wet. He starts by drilling her pussy in missionary/sideways. Anika climbs on him in reverse cowgirl; she has a small but very cute little tushy and it looks damn good when she riding the old dude in cowgirl. He enjoys her tight little cunt in doggy before pulling out to load on her butt cheeks.

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January 21, 2008

Daddy’s little girl

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see this girl's dirty movies here"Dad, this is my boyfriend." Some of the hardest words for a father to hear and a trigger for one of the biggest psychological gearshifts we will ever have to make.

No matter how many books we’ve read or theories we’ve spouted, I know of no father who doesn’t break out in a cold sweat at the mere thought of any boy so much as laying a finger on his cherished little girl, let alone indulging in something more intimate.

My friend Pete said one of the toughest moments of his life was smiling in a friendly, welcoming manner when introduced to his gorgeous 17-year-old daughter’s boyfriend, while his mind churned with horrific thoughts about exactly what this testosteronic teenager probably wanted to do with her given half a chance. Just as we resist the notion of our own parents having sex, so most of us struggle with the idea that our daughters might do the same thing.

We’re caught in a gender trap here. A son’s evolution to manhood is usually a source of pride, wonder and sage advice from us, but as our girls become women, we begin to battle demons that used to be kept at bay with strict rules and a dark silence. These days, we must confront our fears and our daughter’s needs, and find a way that leads to emotional security for both of us.

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January 17, 2008

Bang It

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boxcover-1152-1715923.jpgCovergirl Sativa Rose has the Whackman wanting to Bang It right fuckin now. Let’s do this motherfuckers.

Lucy Lee and Haley Paige tease outside, overlooking a canyon. Inside, they introduce themselves and tell us that they’re doing each other and Sascha today – he runs into the scene with a raging hard-on. The sluts drop to their knees and start to gobble. Sascha sticks Haley in doggy first. Haley eats Lucy while she’s being railed. Next, Lucy mounts the stud in reverse cowgirl. Haley gets fingered by the other two during the fucking. Haley rides Sascha while Lucy puts her ass in her face. A set of purple anal beads are introduced to Haley’s rectum and Lucy gets a beaded, black, anal toy in her ass and Haley gets to taste it. Another insertion and Lucy gets a taste of her digestive system but she wants real cock. Sascha jams her ass in doggy. Haley gets the flesh pipe in reverse cowgirl anal and then Lucy rides Sascha’s cock in anal cowgirl while Haley does a masturbation DP. The sluts both suck Lucy’s ass off of Sascha’s cock. Haley gets spooned anally. Lucy sucks Haley’s juices from the cock. The sluts get on their knees; he gives each of them some spurts.

The sexy Sativa Rose is dazzling in hot pink undies. Then there’s a cut to Sativa on a couch wearing a fishnet top and panties. Lee Stone is her fuckbuddy; He gags her with his cock and spits in her mouth. There was a little face slap that she didn’t like, but The Whackman appreciates a man who knows how to treat a whore. Lee pushes her onto the couch and dives into her pussy. After a side entry missionary penetration, Lee picks her up for some mid-air. They fall back onto the couch for both cowgirls. He pushes her back into missionary and they go flying again before dropping down for more missionary on the couch. The intensity really shows on Sativa’s face. They slap each other’s face and there’s more nasty spitting. Back to doggy and a profusely sweating Lee pulls Sativa down onto the floor to streak his seed across her face. Sativa licks at his cock and they’re both completely winded by this workout.


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January 14, 2008

Logo replacement for Firefox browser

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Firefox browser replacementHere’s a suggestion for the people developing the Firefox web browser. That little orange fox curled up around the globe of the earth is a nice logo, really it is. But come on. If a company wants us to look at their logo on our browser, wouldn’t you rather they made us look at this one?

January 10, 2008

Totally Stacked

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boxcover-4037-8334985.jpgBoobs, tits, knockers… What else do you need when you have two luscious ta ta’s right in your face? Knowing that these girls are all Totally Stacked is all it takes for The Whackman to get going!

Jamie is on a stair machine wearing a pair of sheer black panties and a white net top. She’s interrupted by Steven, who’s looking for camels. Jamie doesn’t know anything about camels, but offers to show him her camel toe. They head inside where Jamie shows him again before letting him give it a kiss. Jamie gets skullfucked her before he tongues and fucks her pussy. They get into missionary before moving through reverse cowgirl, doggy, and the traditional cowgirl. Jamie takes a nice facial, keeping her eyes wide open.

Nineteen year old blonde Vanessa fantasizes about giving her tennis pro a lesson in ball handling when her parents are gone. They kiss and grope each other outside before heading inside. They strip down before Vanessa drops down to mouth Justin’s joystick. She bends over for him to play with her pierced pussy before he fucks it. She then rides him reverse cowgirl style and sucks it clean, before turning around to bounce on it cowgirl style. Justin spoons her before nailing her in missionary. She tells Justin to blow his load over her face, but he barely gets any of it that far and instead covers her neck.

When Vicky finds out her hubby was cheating on her with his buddy Mark’s wife, she changes into some smoking hot black lingerie and climbs onto Mark’s lap. She bashes her big fat titties around his face before sliding down to break out his cock. Vicky works Mark into her throat while her hubby complains about how she never deep throated him or sucked his balls like she’s doing to Mark. She titty fucks him before lying back so Mark can eat her in return before fucking her. Vicky sucks Mark’s cock clean then bends over so Mark can give her ass a good tonguing. He rails her pussy from behind and while she lies on her side. Vicky climbs up for a cowgirl ride and moves his cock back into her ass. He picks her up and moves her across the room to a barstool and they keep going in reverse cowgirl anal and doggy anal across the room. Vicky takes a very nice facial from Mark.


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January 8, 2008

Human sexuality professor wants more Euro attitude toward sex

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Sex Education“If we taught driver’s ed the way we teach sex education,” says the professor, his voice assuming a deep, mocking tone, “we’d be saying things like, ‘Stay away from the car. Don’t stand next to the car.’ Yeah, right.”
So it’s a perfect time to teach sex these days if you’re on a college campus, says Robin Sawyer, a public health professor at the University of Maryland.

At 55, the former soccer striker from Yorkshire, England, has been lecturing students on the perils and payoffs of sex for 22 years. He teaches human sexuality to five sections a year; four of them have more than 200 students. This means about 16,000 students have heard him lecture on everything from crocodile dung (an early recipe for female contraception) to foot fetishes, with anatomy, childbirth, infections and lots of other practical details thrown in.

Students raised on a tell-all media diet are eager to talk about everything, have done a good bit of it, but don’t know very much. How strange: They have walked the walk, but they can’t talk the talk.

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