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July 31, 2006

Fucking wanker cuts his penis off for $2K bet

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dickCutterHow surprised are you to hear that this was done by someone who was drunk at the time? Witnesses say that the man who cut off his own penis was “strongly under the influence of alcohol.”

This idiot brought his dick to the hospital in a plastic bag, and in a three-and-a-half hour operation, had his organ stitched back on.

Doctors say that it will take four or five days to assess if the operation was successful, and then it would take about half a year to be sure that the man’s penis was functioning properly.

I’m hoping the Darwin effect takes over and this moron is never able to reproduce and pass his fucking stupidity into the gene pool.

July 29, 2006

This is a copy of a real ass

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Everyone has seen photocopies of someone’s ass that they made by sitting on a photocopier at the office. Well, things go a little wrong with that idea in this guy’s case. Just click on the image to start the action.

I found this video mentioned on a discussion board run by a friend of mine. It’s a political discussion board, so if you have any interest in venting about politics, when you’re not checking out good porn I mean, you should head over to DC Junkies and take a look.

July 27, 2006

Prudish Swede feminists ban porn for military

Filed under: sex news — Simon @ 12:12 pm

STOCKHOLM – In what could signal a turnaround in an otherwise sexually liberal country, a group of feminist have succeeded in convincing the Swedish military to ban porn from its bases. Disputing the claim that [tag]pornography[/tag] is neither harmful nor degrading to women, the feminist organization also convinced the military to bar government officials from staying in hotels that provide in-room porn programming. Read more at Feminists Play Role in Swedish Military’s Porn Ban

Radio Station Dumps God for Porn Format

Filed under: humor,sex news — Simon @ 2:02 am

KLOVE, a Christian format radio group, probably didn’t expect its Fresno-area station KFYE to become synonymous with porn when the company sold the radio station last month. But that’s precisely what happened, with new owner Jerry Clifton electing to program what he calls “porn radio” in favor of the previous religious format that area listeners had become accustomed to. KFYE has been playing songs on a continuous one-hour loop without commercials since the week-old change in format. While Clifton has not said whether he will switch to a more traditional format, the station continues to bill itself as “all sex radio, all the time.” The station plays songs with suggestive titles such as “Why Don’t We Do It in the Road” by the Beatles, “Sexual Healing” by Marvin Gaye and “Nasty” by Janet Jackson. Songs without provocative titles or lyrics are supplemented with added moans and groans.

July 24, 2006

Swingers Lifestyles Convention

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If you aren’t there already or on your way, then you’re missing the annual Lifestyles [tag]swingers[/tag] gathering. The Stardust Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas is hosting about 3,000 people this week for a five-day event that includes socializing, seminars, and sex.

The conference organizer estimates that there are 3 million swingers in the United States alone. The Lifestyles group was founded in 1969 and began holding the annual conferences in the 1970s. The [tag]Las Vegas[/tag] event is the largest annual U.S. swinging event.

It’s estimated that perhaps 40 percent of the couples were attending their first conference. And for all of their obvious enthusiasm, few of the swingers tell family and friends about their hobby.

You can get more information at Lifestyles

July 23, 2006

Hungary for some illicit sex?

Filed under: anime,humor,sex news,video clips — Simon @ 6:18 pm

Nope, I didn’t spell that wrong. I really meant would you go to Hungary for some [tag]illicit sex[/tag]. ‘Cause that’s what the Hungarian tourism authority is promoting in their latest email campaign, which features an animated cartoon with a guy hiding his wedding ring and having sex with a young blonde. There’s a link to the video in the full story at “Exactly what kind of tourists do they want?”

Hey homo, who you callin’ breeder?

Filed under: commentary,sex news — Simon @ 2:14 pm

Hard to believe, but on Friday we saw a report that Provincetown, Massachusetts is now getting a reputation as an “anti-straight” destination. Visit Provincetown and you may get heckled as a “babymaker” or a “breeder.” Nice way for New England’s gay capital to be acting. Sure, maybe there’s been gay bashing over the years But does that mean that turnabout is fair play? Yeah, then where’s the fuckin’ reacharound? Read the whole story at Gays accused of discrimination in resort town.

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