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January 21, 2008

Daddy’s little girl

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see this girl's dirty movies here"Dad, this is my boyfriend." Some of the hardest words for a father to hear and a trigger for one of the biggest psychological gearshifts we will ever have to make.

No matter how many books we’ve read or theories we’ve spouted, I know of no father who doesn’t break out in a cold sweat at the mere thought of any boy so much as laying a finger on his cherished little girl, let alone indulging in something more intimate.

My friend Pete said one of the toughest moments of his life was smiling in a friendly, welcoming manner when introduced to his gorgeous 17-year-old daughter’s boyfriend, while his mind churned with horrific thoughts about exactly what this testosteronic teenager probably wanted to do with her given half a chance. Just as we resist the notion of our own parents having sex, so most of us struggle with the idea that our daughters might do the same thing.

We’re caught in a gender trap here. A son’s evolution to manhood is usually a source of pride, wonder and sage advice from us, but as our girls become women, we begin to battle demons that used to be kept at bay with strict rules and a dark silence. These days, we must confront our fears and our daughter’s needs, and find a way that leads to emotional security for both of us.

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January 14, 2008

Logo replacement for Firefox browser

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Firefox browser replacementHere’s a suggestion for the people developing the Firefox web browser. That little orange fox curled up around the globe of the earth is a nice logo, really it is. But come on. If a company wants us to look at their logo on our browser, wouldn’t you rather they made us look at this one?

December 24, 2007

Carmen Electra mobbed at stripclub

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Carmen Electra in fishnets hoseCarmen Electra was part of a mob scene in Montreal’s downtown club strip, where she was hosting a burlesque performance at the Opera Nightclub.

There, the two-time Playboy cover girl was jetted in to introduce the "Belluscious" act. And while she wasn’t actually going to be getting up to any sexual antics on stage herself, the crowd was eager to see if they could press the flesh with the former Mrs. Dennis Rodman.

"I’m just a girl from Cincinnati, Ohio, who had big dreams and managed to get here," she told the Globe, shortly before heading onstage. Born Tara Leigh Patrick (her stage name was supplied by none other than the artist currently known as Prince), Electra is also busy shilling her latest video, another entry in her hugely popular Aerobics Striptease series.

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November 29, 2007

Protest for Pleasure

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Loretta Nall is sending sex toy to Alabama Attorney General Troy KingThe right to use sex toys is getting an activist in Alexander City, Alabama, all hot and bothered.

Loretta Nall, a gubernatorial candidate in 2006, is steamed at Alabama’s Attorney General Troy King over his intent to prosecute adult shop owners for selling sex toys. So she’s taking matters into her own hands by asking touchy Americans to deluge him with sex toys.

Nall has organized a “Sex Toy Drive” and is asking all masturbators to get off their Purple Penetrators and hit King where it hurts, by ramming his mailbox with sex toys in protest.

"King is pushing this thing, but he doesn’t need to be sticking his nose in people’s business,” Nall said. “He’s making Alabamians look like backwater rednecks."

It seems to be working. The naughty novelties have already starting penetrating King’s office, with ball gags, rectum plugs, and Hello Kitty massagers creating a stir with the stiff conservative.

Nall is practicing what she preaches. "I personally sent him a penetrable pink pig,” she said. “I was thinking of dressing up as a penis to his next appearance, but then people would confuse me for that big dick."

November 27, 2007

Vietnam has first nude art exhibition

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A photo by Tran Huy HoanIn the West, nude art has gone from paintings, photos and sculpture to streets and squares through installation exhibitions. Meanwhile, nude artworks are introduced cautiously in Vietnam.

A photo by Tran Huy Hoan

The Hanoi Department of Culture and Information recently licenced painter Thai Phien’s Spring nude painting exhibition. This is the first nude painting exhibition licenced in Vietnam.

The art circle has been awaiting this event for a long time because they expect the official acceptance of artworks which have existed silently so far.

Painter Luong Xuan Doan said that Vietnamese nude art could not be made public later. He said that some Chinese artists were surprised when they learned that nude paintings were still strange to Vietnamese audiences.

Actually, nude figures or even sex is not strange in folk arts since paintings of genitalia or sexual activities of humans are found on bronze or pottery antiques. However, nude art is not recognised officially in Vietnam. Painter Thai Phien said that in Vietnam, nude art is not taught in any photo course.

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November 25, 2007

Sienna Miller likes stripping off

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British actress Sienna Miller admits she enjoyed stripping for the movie “Hippie Hippie Shake,” although she was embarrassed after her pictures appeared online.

Miller also said it wasn’t as traumatic as she thought it would be. “There were eight of us and we were playing hippies and it was the summer of love. We take our clothes off, eight boys and girls, and go for a swim. We were nervous but it’s real camaraderie when you are all together. It’s actually hilarious getting naked in front of people you love and respect,” quoted Miller as saying.

The movie is a psychedelic journey through London in the sixties and early seventies focusing on the love between the character played by Miller and the one played by actor Cillian Murphy.

She added: “The water was freezing cold, so the boys weren’t too happy. The water was about seven degrees, it was colder than anything I have experienced in my life. But as a result it was quite funny and we felt a big sense of achievement after doing it.”

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November 11, 2007

Winona Ryder’s nude scene leaked

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Winona Ryder in movieIt’s not everyday you get to see a Winona Ryder nude scene, in fact, it’s pretty much never, seeing as how Winona Ryder really never does nude scenes.

But that’s all changed now. Winona’s in a new movie called Sex and Death 101 (yeah, I never heard of it either), in which she actually appears nude.

Now, in the scene itself, you’d be hard-pressed to catch any actually nakedness, since things move kind of quick, but there are a distinct four or five frames of pure Winona Ryder nakedness. And thanks to the miracle that is the freeze-frame, you can now enjoy those frames forever and ever.

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