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December 15, 2007

Under Pimp Arrest

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boxcover-4043-8339989.jpgBig pimpin’ takes center stage as Big Daddy has money on his mind and his bitches in line. The Whackman has been invited to hang with real-life pimps from South Central LA, from the time they wake up until the last hours of the night, and see what it be like when a real pimp takes control. Black is beautiful as sexy whores throw down with a ghetto fuck-a-thon of phat asses, juicy pussies, bad ass blowjobs and graphic anal sex. These bitches are Under Pimp Arrest – and will assume the position.

When Mr. Johnson drops new ho Lori off, Taylor swings by to pick her up. They quickly agree on a price before heading to a cheap motel. Lori quickly gets the money exchange out of the way before letting Taylor explore under her sexy blue dress. He pulls her yellow panties aside to tongue her pussy before they both strip down so she can suck his cock. She starts out dominant and then lies back so Taylor can fuck her face and so she can lick his balls before they sixty-nine. Taylor gives it to Lori missionary style before letting her climb up to ride him cowgirl style. They also get in a bit of doggystyle and spooning. Taylor has Lori take off her shoes to pry her mouth open as wide as possible for him to pop in.

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Amenah, a black woman who’s attractiveness to me falls in the “paper or plastic” range, hooks up with Roy, her usual client from Chicago, and his friend Lee. Roy quickly hands over the money as Amenah unzips his pants and then lets her attack him orally as he strips down. Lee joins in, and they take turns dominantly fucking her throat as she spits and gags. Lee fucks her missionary style while Roy has her suck his cock. Roy also plugs her face and pussy with a dildo as Lee drills her in each of her holes. She takes a DP with the help of the toy before holding her mouth wide open for Lee to pop a decent helping of guy goo inside. She gargles it a bit and then Roy fucks her throat with the toy to choke her, before spreading Lee’s seed around her face and having her spit it out on a window and lick it back up.

Mr. Johnson hands Angel Eyes, a drop dead gorgeous black girl with a killer body, the controller to the garage — to get in and out. After a few quick words, Angel lets Bishop dive into her pussy with his tongue. She also lets him fuck her face in a few different positions before lying back for a little missionary work. Angel sits up to ride him cowgirl style and shows off her amazing ass, and then deep throats him. She rides him reverse cowgirl style before letting him fuck her doggystyle so her fantastic ass can jiggle even more. Bishop launches a nice load across Angel’s pierced tongue and cheek, and lets her gargle a little. Afterwards he asks her to extinguish the candles, so she spits them out using his cum.

Mr. Johnson sets Beauty up with LT and Sidney, a couple who are looking to spice things up with another woman. LT brings Beauty in to meet Sidney when she arrives, and they give her a quick examination before LT has the girls get it on. Beauty works her way from Sidney’s mouth to her tits to her bald beaver, and after a bit, Sidney takes off to get something she forgot. Beauty sucks LT’s cock until Sidney returns with a strap-on, and then sucks both of them. Sidney helps Beauty suck LT, and after a bit fucks Beauty’s face while LT rails Beauty from behind. LT moves over to give it to Sidney doggystyle. She then climbs up to bounce on him cowgirl style. The girls each let him fuck them missionary style, and then fight over who gets the facial to finish things up.

Mr. Vic sends Stacy over to Mr. Johnson in hopes that he can get her in line. Mr. Johnson finds Sylvio, who needs a little loving. They head back to somewhere a little more comfortable than the back of a car, and Sylvio quickly goes to work eating Stacy’s cunt. She decides to pleasure him a bit as well, and lets him give her a little hard face fucking before lying back for him to fuck her missionary style. Stacy gets in a bit of reverse cowgirl and doggy before Sylvio pops in her pussy missionary style.

Under Pimp Arrest had plenty to keep The Whackman interested. There’s a nice variety of looks to the girls, but the asses are always high quality with Angel Eyes, Syndee Capri, and Beauty leading the pack. The variety of sex was great — it goes from fairly soft and couples oriented with Lori’s scene to rough and hardcore with Amenah’s scene right away, and then mixes in a fun threesome with Sidney and Beauty later. Most importantly, the scenes weren’t filled with guys who didn’t know enough to shut up as they fucked the girls. The Whackman was impressed with every scene because they covered a lot of area for prostitution situations and should give most everybody a little something they can like. The Whackman pimped out 7 juicy loads in this better than expected flick.

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