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January 24, 2008

Teens Goin Wild 7

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boxcover-2305-3554455.jpgThese teens are breaking their curfew to bring The Whackman hot, juicy, ass-pounding teen sex! It’s Teens Goin Wild 7.

Sabrina is a cute blonde with an angel face. She has a tight little body featuring an adorable set of small perky boobs and a nice little butt. Mr. Pete comes in and whips out his cock for her to suck. In seconds she gets naked and climbs on for some cowgirl. She turns around to show off more of her pretty parts in reverse cowgirl. For the anal, she lies on her back and puts her legs up and Mr. Pete slides his cock right in. She then gets her ass fucked in doggy. She goes to her knees quickly to get a nice pop shot in her open mouth.

Alex is another cute blonde with a petite body. Mr. Pete has his paws all over her right from the start. She’s out of her clothes in no time flat, and has Mr. Pete’ s cock balls deep in her mouth. He begins fucking her pussy while she lies on her back, then on her side, on a table. He gets a piece of her ass in the same position followed by some doggy action. She sits her asshole on his cock for a long cowgirl that just looks great. He picks her up for a standing cowgirl, followed by blasting her ass hard in missionary until he cums all over her open mouth and cheek.

Anika is a brunette cutie with an adorable smile. She has a small petite body and she looks sweet enough to eat. She’s paired with an older looking guy and it helps to play up the barely legal angle. The old man licks her sweet little slit and he receives a nice blowjob her making her pussy get all wet. He starts by drilling her pussy in missionary/sideways. Anika climbs on him in reverse cowgirl; she has a small but very cute little tushy and it looks damn good when she riding the old dude in cowgirl. He enjoys her tight little cunt in doggy before pulling out to load on her butt cheeks.

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January 17, 2008

Bang It

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boxcover-1152-1715923.jpgCovergirl Sativa Rose has the Whackman wanting to Bang It right fuckin now. Let’s do this motherfuckers.

Lucy Lee and Haley Paige tease outside, overlooking a canyon. Inside, they introduce themselves and tell us that they’re doing each other and Sascha today – he runs into the scene with a raging hard-on. The sluts drop to their knees and start to gobble. Sascha sticks Haley in doggy first. Haley eats Lucy while she’s being railed. Next, Lucy mounts the stud in reverse cowgirl. Haley gets fingered by the other two during the fucking. Haley rides Sascha while Lucy puts her ass in her face. A set of purple anal beads are introduced to Haley’s rectum and Lucy gets a beaded, black, anal toy in her ass and Haley gets to taste it. Another insertion and Lucy gets a taste of her digestive system but she wants real cock. Sascha jams her ass in doggy. Haley gets the flesh pipe in reverse cowgirl anal and then Lucy rides Sascha’s cock in anal cowgirl while Haley does a masturbation DP. The sluts both suck Lucy’s ass off of Sascha’s cock. Haley gets spooned anally. Lucy sucks Haley’s juices from the cock. The sluts get on their knees; he gives each of them some spurts.

The sexy Sativa Rose is dazzling in hot pink undies. Then there’s a cut to Sativa on a couch wearing a fishnet top and panties. Lee Stone is her fuckbuddy; He gags her with his cock and spits in her mouth. There was a little face slap that she didn’t like, but The Whackman appreciates a man who knows how to treat a whore. Lee pushes her onto the couch and dives into her pussy. After a side entry missionary penetration, Lee picks her up for some mid-air. They fall back onto the couch for both cowgirls. He pushes her back into missionary and they go flying again before dropping down for more missionary on the couch. The intensity really shows on Sativa’s face. They slap each other’s face and there’s more nasty spitting. Back to doggy and a profusely sweating Lee pulls Sativa down onto the floor to streak his seed across her face. Sativa licks at his cock and they’re both completely winded by this workout.


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January 10, 2008

Totally Stacked

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boxcover-4037-8334985.jpgBoobs, tits, knockers… What else do you need when you have two luscious ta ta’s right in your face? Knowing that these girls are all Totally Stacked is all it takes for The Whackman to get going!

Jamie is on a stair machine wearing a pair of sheer black panties and a white net top. She’s interrupted by Steven, who’s looking for camels. Jamie doesn’t know anything about camels, but offers to show him her camel toe. They head inside where Jamie shows him again before letting him give it a kiss. Jamie gets skullfucked her before he tongues and fucks her pussy. They get into missionary before moving through reverse cowgirl, doggy, and the traditional cowgirl. Jamie takes a nice facial, keeping her eyes wide open.

Nineteen year old blonde Vanessa fantasizes about giving her tennis pro a lesson in ball handling when her parents are gone. They kiss and grope each other outside before heading inside. They strip down before Vanessa drops down to mouth Justin’s joystick. She bends over for him to play with her pierced pussy before he fucks it. She then rides him reverse cowgirl style and sucks it clean, before turning around to bounce on it cowgirl style. Justin spoons her before nailing her in missionary. She tells Justin to blow his load over her face, but he barely gets any of it that far and instead covers her neck.

When Vicky finds out her hubby was cheating on her with his buddy Mark’s wife, she changes into some smoking hot black lingerie and climbs onto Mark’s lap. She bashes her big fat titties around his face before sliding down to break out his cock. Vicky works Mark into her throat while her hubby complains about how she never deep throated him or sucked his balls like she’s doing to Mark. She titty fucks him before lying back so Mark can eat her in return before fucking her. Vicky sucks Mark’s cock clean then bends over so Mark can give her ass a good tonguing. He rails her pussy from behind and while she lies on her side. Vicky climbs up for a cowgirl ride and moves his cock back into her ass. He picks her up and moves her across the room to a barstool and they keep going in reverse cowgirl anal and doggy anal across the room. Vicky takes a very nice facial from Mark.


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January 3, 2008

White Wife Black Cock 5

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boxcover-4059-8352168.jpg Give em an inch and they’ll take a mile. Marriage vows mean nothing to these hot, horny housewives who crave big black cock. While their husbands are away, these slutty home-makers will play with some big bad black cocks. Nobody suspects a thing as thick dark meat is stuffed deep into the moist mouths and juicy pussies of these white suburban babes. It’s White Wife Black Cock 5.

When Julian and Weed stop by to see Missy’s hubby, she can’t help but tease them. Julian can’t resist moving over to see how serious Missy is, and soon after he’s got his finger in her twat. Missy moves on to suck and stroke both of the guys, and chokes on both guys before lying back for Julian to fuck her missionary style while she keeps sucking Weed’s cock. Missy lets go with several squirts as Julian pumps her, and makes sure that Weed has a turn in her pussy as well. The guys take turns fucking Missy’s ass doggystyle before giving her a cowgirl style double penetration. Missy kicks it up a notch by letting Julian pop in her pussy. Weed finishes things up creaming on Missy’s face.

When Gianna’s man gets a ride home from L.T. after his car breaks down, he quickly heads to the shower. Gianna apologizes for his rudeness and then shows him to the shower. She strips down and goes to work on her pussy with a black dildo as her man sleeps next to her, and both she and L.T. are a bit surprised when he walks in on her. He isn’t sure about getting it on with Gianna, but since she’s ready to go, he moves in to tongue her holes. She takes L.T.’s cock into her throat and then gets on all fours to get boned from behind. Hubby ends up rolling right off the bed without waking up, so Gianna and L. T. keep going through missionary and cowgirl before Gianna takes a nice facial.


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December 27, 2007

Test Drive

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boxcover-4033-8333111.jpgThe Whackman needs a fuckin seatbelt because The Whackman is going on a Test Drive with some of these whores. The Whackman wants some good performance, with an emphasis on how these sluts handle the bumps and grinds. Let’s do this.

Brittney lies back on a bed wearing some black and white checkered panties. She diddles herself with her fingers and a toy before Barrett comes in and offers her the real thing. She works him over orally before letting him return the favor on her bald beaver. Brittney lays back as Barrett tongues her and then lets him slide it in. They go through doggy and cowgirl before she opens her eyes and mouth wide for a nice pop from Barrett which mostly misses her face. She sucks out what’s left and plays with it a little.

Red is in an orange bra and panties and with black and white checkered stockings. She starts herself off with her fingers before she’s joined by Kris. She softly mouths his manhood using slow tongue action before turning around so Kris can tongue her twat, taint, and ass from behind. Red then rides him through the cowgirl styles. Kris plays with Red’s ass while she rides him and continues to massage her pucker while he fucks her from behind. They finish things up in missionary before Kris pulls out to stroke himself onto Red’s stomach.

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December 20, 2007

Plantin Seeds 2

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boxcover-3989-8310684.jpgEach of these nasty sluts get their holes crammed with cock then filled deep with nasty cum! Sunny gets her tight pussy fucked hard then loaded with cum! Cytherea gets her twat slammed til she squirts all over! Jamie gags on cock then gets both holes fucked til she farts her load from deep in her ass! These dudes are Plantin Seeds 2.

The lovely Sunny Lane walks up to a house wearing a red dress that shows off her ass extremely well. She’s greeted at the door by Mark, who offers her something to drink before they make their way to the sofa. She heads to the bathroom to change. Sunny emerges in a cute little black and pink outfit and sits on Mark’s lap, kissing him while letting him play with her pussy. He lets her taste his fingers before laying her back to suck her toes. Mark strips off her panties and lets her play with herself as he strips down himself. She gives Mark a passionate kiss before taking him into her throat and bends back for a completely submissive face fucking. Sunny then bounces on his cock reverse cowgirl style while he holds her arms behind her back. Mark gives it to her doggystyle next. She moves up to ride him cowgirl style, and lets Mark knead on her tits as she rides him. He picks her up for a midair cowgirl ride before laying her back for some missionary work. Mark plants his seeds in her pussy before she squirts it back out into his mouth to eat.

Shortly after Joey arrives and heads upstairs, brunettes Cytherea and Jamie, wearing some white and black and pink and black lingerie respectively, head up. Joey greets Cytherea with a kiss as Jamie moves down to suck his cock. Cytherea quickly drops down to help her, and both girls gag on it a bit as they warm Joey up. After Jamie begs Joey to fuck her, he pulls down the lower half of her outfit and moves in to drill her from behind with Cytherea giving his cock some initial guidance. The girls trade places so Joey can fuck Cytherea to a squirt, and after a bit more lets Jamie back on for a cowgirl ride. It doesn’t take Cytherea long to squirt when she gets her turn, and she doesn’t limit herself to just one. When it’s time for Jamie to get a little more cock, she swallow’s Joey’s cock with each of her holes reverse cowgirl style, and hops off so she can suck her ass off his cock. Joey plugs her ass in doggy and when he pops some on her ass, Cytherea yells at him for going on her ass rather than in her ass, and licks it up while also testing out Jamie’s asshole with her tongue. Jamie cumfarts out a nice load that both girls lick up.

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December 15, 2007

Under Pimp Arrest

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boxcover-4043-8339989.jpgBig pimpin’ takes center stage as Big Daddy has money on his mind and his bitches in line. The Whackman has been invited to hang with real-life pimps from South Central LA, from the time they wake up until the last hours of the night, and see what it be like when a real pimp takes control. Black is beautiful as sexy whores throw down with a ghetto fuck-a-thon of phat asses, juicy pussies, bad ass blowjobs and graphic anal sex. These bitches are Under Pimp Arrest – and will assume the position.

When Mr. Johnson drops new ho Lori off, Taylor swings by to pick her up. They quickly agree on a price before heading to a cheap motel. Lori quickly gets the money exchange out of the way before letting Taylor explore under her sexy blue dress. He pulls her yellow panties aside to tongue her pussy before they both strip down so she can suck his cock. She starts out dominant and then lies back so Taylor can fuck her face and so she can lick his balls before they sixty-nine. Taylor gives it to Lori missionary style before letting her climb up to ride him cowgirl style. They also get in a bit of doggystyle and spooning. Taylor has Lori take off her shoes to pry her mouth open as wide as possible for him to pop in.

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