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April 22, 2008

Rio Style

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Phar-out, phat ass and phunky…a geography lesson inside a porn movie. Every now and then I have wondered, “Just where is the Hershey highway? And how do I get there from here?”…I’d always figured it was in Pennsylvania…some anal retentive Amish town or something, but now I have discovered that it is in Rio.


Like man…maybe it’s all the spicy food…the Montezuma’s revenge…the spicy rings of fire, but dude these chicks take it up the ass, like their ass is swallowing the cock more than their ass is being fucked by the cock.

Four posterior pounded puta scenes from chicks who show that for sluts like them who really like it deep, the door that’s always open is the backdoor. I must say though I found it disappointing that unlike other movies similar to this, even though no question about it, these chicks were sluts, they only did one dude at a time. If I’m gonna be watching some ass-slut chick getting drilled I’d rather go all the way with it and see her getting double drilled multiple times.

Rio Style gets a solid throbbing three cocks-up.

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