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April 8, 2008

Double Midgetation

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Exsqueeze me, I thought porn was supposed to be hot or a turn-on. Sure, everybody’s got their little kinks and fetishes (if this is a kink it sure is a little one) but this movie makes me think that I’m watching some comedy made by the Wayans family (yknow the Scary movie dudes) when they were all whacked out on some weird shit after spending too many hours playing their gnomes on world of warcraft.


Like sure there’s sex in this, but man it’s hard to believe these are actually real people…sure they’re supposed to be aliens, but it still doesn’t make it sexy. If I wanna watch a movie about alien sex, then count me in to be like Captain Kirk and get to fuck all these big-titted blue skinned exotic looking chicks that stand taller than my knee, not something that looks like it should be a garden gnome in my front yard.

All I know is, after watching this movie, I totally gotta go check out a movie for tomorrow before I’m scarred for life and I will leave you with the words of our modern day sage and bard Randy Newman; “Short people got no reason to live…they got beady little eyes…don’t want no short people…you gotta pick em up just to say hello…they got little voices going squeak squeak…”

Well you get my point, but Double Midgetation doesn’t get any, zero cocks-up.

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