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April 1, 2008

Cum On Baby Bite My Wire 2

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A flick that totally rules as far as blowjob movies go cos these sluts totally dig swallowing a cock and whatever loads they can get to explode out of it. Personally I dig there to be some real in and out pussy filling action as well as just blowjobs when I’m watching porn, but these babes do give a righteous showing as sluts who love the cock. Okay yeah…the moronic title being a Doors rip-off kinda bites like, if you wanna do something that assinine then make an anal movie and call it Backdoor Man.


A decadent decatant of splooge-splashing slut soaking scenes and in most of these we get two chicks for each lucky throat fucking guy as they demonstrate how much they crave forcefully going down on these fucksticks…like this is not one of those blowjob movies where some asian chick gently licks away and holds her mouth slack and open while it gets fucked without any expression from her. These are chicks that go orally crazy on cock and totally get off on seeing, swallowing or spraying the loads of cum that they unleash from these lucky bastards.

Cum On Baby Bite My Wire 2 doubles its own two with four cocks-up. It would’ve gotten a better score if I’d seen that these chicks loved fucking as much as they loved sucking.

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