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January 25, 2007

Flavored condoms and music all in one package

Filed under: sex news — Simon @ 7:49 am

flavored condoms with musicI don’t know if these are available where you are yet, but if you need a Valentine’s Day gift idea, you may want to look into this sex and [tag]music[/tag] combo. Sure, you could try the old chocolates and roses approach, but this one does put the focus back where you want it to be.

The “idom” [tag]condoms[/tag] don’t actually play music when you’re fucking, but the flavored sheaths (mint, strawberry, chocolate and banana) are packaged in a nice boxed set with chillout, acid jazz and dance music CDs to help set the mood.

“The music starts slow, then medium, then becomes fast before getting slow again,” said one company representative, who also claimed that the 18 minute run time for the music is not a commentary on how long sex should last.

The idom condoms are available in bookstores, record shops and trendy nightspots in cities like Hong Kong, London, Paris, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Tokyo and Singapore, or you can check out their online store.

On their website you’ll also find some entertaining sales text telling you that “Ondomusic is a companion to any good time. It can create a unique love mood in your intimate hour. The music can fill your room with exotic air particles.” And you’ll find warnings that “audio product is not for contraception” and that “you can reuse a music CD but not others.”

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